Thermal heat treatment is effective on all hard to reach areas where chemicals may fail or can't be used.
Thermal heat treatment is effective on all hard to reach areas where chemicals may fail or can't be used.

A few words about our approach

Bed bugs are insects that are smaller than an apple seed, but they can cause huge problems. They can reside in your home or even hitchhike in your luggage. It only takes a few stowaways to infest bed linens and mattresses or spread throughout an entire house.

Bed bug treatments have traditionally relied heavily on the use of chemicals to reduce and control infestations. However, increased resistance to pesticides has rendered this method ineffective in managing these pests with a single treatment. Often times, recurring treatments are required to manage an infestation over time.

Team Green Pest Solutions uses thermal heat treatment, a pest control method that uses heat to kill bed bugs and other indoor pests. Thermal heat treatment alters the pest’s natural environment by raising ambient air to a lethal temperature. The process is done by applying heat throughout an entire structure, treating enclosed areas, confined spaces, or localized spots for bed bugs and other pests throughout your home or business.

Thermal Kill Point

Adults, nymphs, and eggs die at temperatures greater than 115 degrees. We raise the temperature well above the pest’s tolerance and maintain it for several hours. High-powered fans force heat into furniture, beds, bedding, mattresses, clutter, wall cavities, cracks, and other isolated areas, leaving no possibility for bed bugs or other pests to sustain life after prolonged exposure.

Thermal heat treatment is the best method for killing bed bugs and other indoor pests since it’s environmentally friendly, it guarantees 100% eradication of these organisms, and there are absolutely no side effects.

WHY thermal heat treatment?


No follow-up visits. Thermal heat treatment eradicates your pests in a single visit.


It’s unnecessary to discard any furniture or throw household items away.


No need to treat your mattress, box spring, or any other personal items with toxic chemicals.


There’s no danger to children or pets because thermal heat treatment is chemical & toxin-free.

Pest Free Guarantee

Make your pest problems go away within a day